By Muhammad Abdel Haleem

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1999

The tenets of Islam can't be grasped with out a right knowing of theQur'an. during this vital advent, now revised and up to date for a newpaperback variation, Muhammad Abdel Haleem examines the Qur'an's majorrecurrent issues - lifestyles and eternity, marriage and divorce, peace and struggle, waterand nourishment - and for the 1st time considers those components in thecontext of Qur'anic linguistic type.

With a clean perception into the heritage ofthe Qur'an, Professor Haleem examines the context and conditions leadingto the improvement of the suras (chapters) and the ayahs (verses) and theconstruction of the Qur'an itself. He exhibits that well known conceptions of Islamicattitudes to girls, marriage and divorce, clash and society, all range radicallyfrom the real teachings of the Qur'an.

Understanding the Qur'angoes on toexplore the ways that the Judaic and Christian traditions, as mirrored in theBible, might be in comparison to Qur'anic techniques to comparable themes.

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This stresses the importance of starting families on solid foundations, so that the marriage can last. According to the teachings of the Prophet, no one should be forced to marry anyone that they do not desire. It is the husband’s responsibility to pay the dowry and to provide for his wife and family. The way that both husband and wife should conduct themselves in marriage is set out in the Qur’an. 75in ISBN: 978 1 84511 789 4 July 8, 2010 19:4 understanding the qur’an norm. He says, ‘the best of you are those who are best to your families’.

Instead, the Qur’an involves people in what they can observe of the processes that generate water and produce its benefits, and invites them to look and reflect: It is God who sends out the winds; they stir up the clouds; He spreads them over the skies as He pleases; He makes them break up and you see the rain falling from them. 30:48 The Qur’an frequently speaks of the winds and the heavy clouds that God raises: He builds up the clouds heavy with rain 13:12 . . in the changing of the winds and clouds that run their appointed courses between the sky and earth: there are signs in all these for those who use their minds.

If We wanted, We could make it bitter. 75in ISBN: 978 1 84511 789 4 July 9, 2010 17:25 water in the qur’an 37 The benefit of using the sea for transportation is strongly emphasised in the Qur’an, as a sign of honour from God: We have honoured the children of Adam and carried them by land and sea. 17:70 This is fitting for Muslims who are urged in the Qur’an to travel and seek the bounty of God (4:100; 73:20). Islam, which encourages travel, has set aside for the wayfarer a share in the zak¯at (welfare due).

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