By Ji?í Starý and H. Irving (Auth.)

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Have in general only a slight effect on the rate of extraction. t However, in more alkaline solutions the extraction is much more rapid. CHAPTER 4 A N A L Y T I C A L A P P L I C A T I O N S OF T H E S O L V E N T E X T R A C T I O N OF M E T A L CHELATES THE extraction of metal chelates plays a very important role in analytical chemistry because of its speed, versatility, simphcity, and selectivity. The amount of metal separated can be determined either absorptiometrically (if the complex is coloured) or by some other analytical method after back extraction.

Jorg ^ i:'[HA]<^g-^^>[M-] (89) As may be seen from eq. e. e. e. = Nc^Jl) forming the extractable chelate MAjy. The selectivity of the separation using a substoicheiometrical amount of the reagent is thus higher than when using an excess of the reagent. Furthermore, for N' = N\ the efficiency of separa­ tion does not depend on the pH. 1. 2. g. by the (n, γ) reaction with slow neutrons in a nuclear reactor. During the irradiation a great number of other radioisotopes are also formed. From this mixture it is necessary to isolate only radioisotopes of the metal to be determined and in a radiochemically pure form.

HA and the corresponding value of p^- decrease. HA for the corresponding organic reagents). From this reason, by using benzoylacetone or dibenzoylmethane it is possible to achieve quantitative extraction even for those metals that are only partially extracted by acetylacetone solutions. By combining eqs. (73) and (74) we obtain: log ßNPN = Mlog PuA + P^HA) + const" (75) By comparing eq. (75) with eq. (72) it will be obvious that only a shght change in the value of log Κ or of (pHj/g) can be anticipated as a consequence of a variation in /7HA or ρΑΓπΑ in a series of closely related organic reagents for which the value of the constant''' is practically the same.

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