By Louay Fatoohi

The Qur'anic sura (chapter) of Joseph bargains virtually totally with the tale of this noble Prophet, his brothers, and their father Prophet Jacob. because the revelation of the Qur'an fourteen centuries in the past, there were quite a few makes an attempt to interpret this sura. the current learn is a really new examine the sura - together with cautious exam of the ancient history of its tale and exact comparability with the corresponding Biblical narrative. whereas touching on interpretations from classical exegetical works, this e-book deals new insights into the meanings and style of this Qur'anic textual content. the writer isn't just fascinated by analysing the person verses; he's both serious about exhibiting how quite a few verses are interrelated, explicitly and subtly, to shape a different textual unit. He indicates specific curiosity in unveiling sophisticated references and meanings which are usually missed or ignored by way of exegetes. via this finished examine, the writer elucidates why the Qur'an has continuously been firmly believed to be a distinct e-book which can have purely been encouraged through Allah. Thorough and scholarly yet effortless to learn, this booklet is meant for either the final reader and the expert. even if you're a student of Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir), have normal curiosity in Qur'anic experiences and the Qur'anic tale of Prophet Joseph, or attracted to comparative faith, you can find this in-depth and special learn of the sura of Joseph informative, enlightening, and thought-provoking. No wisdom of Arabic or the Qur'an is needed for studying the ebook.

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83). i. ;_;. And they [the People of the Book] say: "No one shall enter paradise except he who is a Jew or a Christian". Those are [nothing more than] their desires. 111). The demonstrative pronoun "tilka' occurs in the Qur'an mainly in contexts similar to these above. ,. , 1 ' ,. , 1 ,... o 25 The Beginning of the Sura ofJoseph manifest Book" in the sura of Joseph which we are analyzing here. Studying those three verses, therefore, is particularly relevant to this discussion. , ..... , , ... ,..

49). For instance, in the following verse, Allah refers to the lottery that prophet Zachariah took part in to take custody of Mary: .... 1 J , , 0 1 ~c Jlt , ' ·~ ,.. :;r""j •. ,Y;. , . ~ ' .... , ""' , ""o_. ~U .. 44). t::rt ·. u~' • ~ ,. / y ; . ' . 1.. ~, ·~·~. ,, • '-·n-'''111. 102). ;----:~~. ,. r • ,. 43). 44). 45). 46). Note how Allah reminds the Prophet in these verses of sura 28 that he was not on the western side of the Mount to know about the Tablets of the Torah, which He wrote for Moses there, nor was he living among the people of Midian to know of what happened to Moses after fleeing the wrath of Pharaoh in Egypt.

0 ..... ,:;,'i<• . Y. r") . ~tt~~~~~ i;J1~ Then We sent Our messengers in succession. 44). ::. J -"' / / So they [the people of Sheba) said: "Our Lord! 19). ,t;. Ji ·. ;, 1 ;;;''•ii ~"' ( f J '"' . , "'~''ii~J. (~L:::J\ OJJ-") Allah, there is no god but He. ] together on the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt; and who is more true l}adithan (in "l}aditfi') than Allah? 87). I ,/. ).. SY ~I '-:"fll r ' Do they not consider the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and whatever things Allah has created, and that their term may have become nigh?

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