By Franz Rosenthal

The impact of classical antiquity at the non secular disciplines, theology, mysticism and legislations of Islam can't be over priced. This paintings demonstrates the importance of the classical historical past through drawing jointly an excellent diversity of literary renderings, paraphrases, commentaries and imitations, in addition to self reliant Islamic gildings. Professor Rosenthal's assortment comprises the paintings of early authors, authors of the Golden Age and later writers who imitated their works. The Classical background in Islam finds that the Muslim adoption of and dependence on classical texts used to be now not blind imitation or an informal compounding of traditions, yet quite an unique synthesis and for that reason a different fulfillment.

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Hist. Kl. 1915, no. 8; English trans. Rosenthal, [New Haven, 1943] pp. 86 ff). However, the Christian in his treatise ‘in defence of Galen’ had already pointed out that one ought to accept only the scientific views of the ancients and not the religious opinions they occasionally expressed. ) says’, and it turns out to be a strictly scientific discussion of the subject under investigation, he should study it carefully and try to understand it. If, on the other hand, it concerns questions of belief and opinion, he must take no further notice of it, since such remarks were made only in order to win people over to the ideas expressed in them or because they concern old, deeply rooted views.

When they replied that they felt a desire for it, he explained to them that he preferred knowledge to play and that their pleasures were therefore hateful to him while he loved what he was doing. ’ His father was a geometrician, but also a farmer. His grandfather was the head of the carpenters’ guild and his greatgrandfather a surveyor. Galen came to Rome for the first time at the beginning of the reign of Antoninus, who ruled after Hadrian. He wrote a book on anatomy for the consularis Boethus, a Roman city prefect, when the latter wished to travel from Rome to his home town, Ptolemais, and asked him to procure for him a book on anatomy.

It was generally agreed that only the highest praise could do justice to the importance of the Greeks. Even excessive admiration is not infrequently expressed. However, there was another side to the story. Islamic orthodoxy felt compelled for religious reasons to fight Greek science and scholarship and therefore was naturally tempted to depict the Greek heritage as the arch enemy created by Satan. 108. page_27 < previous page next page > Page 27 Greek folly. The situation is vividly described in a humorous tale ridiculing the narrow-mindedness of an orthodox Hellenophobe at the turn of the ninth to the tenth century (cf.

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