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However, when the lifetime increases with increasing injection level the holes are driven into the interior of the base and the effectiveness of this phenomenon increases with increasing forward current. Very High Injection Levels. When the injection level is increased still further, we find that two additional factors begin to influence the duration of the two phases of a switching transient and the resistance of the diode as a whole. , when we can no longer assume that P1 (O)/ppo « 1), we find that the injection efficiency 'Y decreases.

39) It is obvious that the sum of these functions satisfies the boundary and initial conditions given by Eqs. 36). 40) 00 CJ'2 (X, (f) = ,~ f n r X 2YJ' (jl2((f - -:::) exp (-- :;2) d:;. 41) 16 BASIC ELECTRONICS OF THE SWITCHING PROCESSES ECHo I The integration of Eqs. 41) and the inversion back to the function p(X. J') give the required solution p(X. 42) The most widely used method in solving the diffusion equation for various transient processes in diodes is the operational calculus method. To demonstrate the advantages of this method, we shall re-derive Eq.

17) 34 SWITCHING IN A PLANAR DIODE [CH. II We see that the decay of the reverse current is the same as in the case of an infinitely long forward current pulse preceding switching [cf. Eq. 5)] but the instantaneous value of j(c1) at any given moment is -v; Y;f times smaller than in the case c1f - 00. OlJf ' it is satisfied to within 17%. To determine the recovered charge in the case of a nonstationary distribution of holes during the flow of the forward current, we shall integrate Eq. 16) with respect to time between the limits o and 00.

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