By M. Sukru Hanioglu

This ebook will thoroughly rework the normal interpretation of the younger Turk Revolution of 1908, a watershed occasion within the overdue Ottoman Empire and a key to the emergence of the fashionable realms within the heart East and Balkans. coaching for a Revolution is the 1st e-book at the younger Turk Revolution to attract on either the huge memoirs and papers of the younger Turks and at the huge diplomatic files all over the world. the writer has plumbed not just the Ottoman records yet amassed records from files in Bonn, Berlin, Jerusalem, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Sofia, Tirana, Bern, Geneva, Sarajevo, Cairo, Stockholm, and Tokyo. Breaking new floor, Hanioglu describes intimately how sensible issues led the younger Turks to sacrifice or regulate lots of their ambitions for social transformation. He tells a narrative wealthy in personality and plot, and divulges the various factions and competing highbrow tendencies that marked this tumultuous interval on the finish of the Ottoman Empire. guidance for a Revolution will turn out fundamental to a person engaged on the political, highbrow, and social heritage of the Ottoman Empire and of the states that have been confirmed on its ruins.

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The next day I went to his house, where he told me that he accepted my request in principle, but that he desired to discuss the matter with Sabahaddin and ™smail Kemal Beys. ”156 Although he did not mention this in his memoirs, ™smail Kemal secretly met with the khedive in an effort to receive financial support for the venture. 159 The following events were described in detail by Re„id Sadi: The “Majority” and Its Activities 21 When I met with ™smail Kemal at my apartment, he asked me how much money we were going to borrow from E[dgar] Speyer, and told me that he had obtained £5,000 in gold from the khedive and would spend it when the scheme was put into action.

The new committee therefore decided to explore other means to overthrow the regime of Abdülhamid II. 114 This was undoubtedly an item on the Young Turks’ agenda unchanged since the onset of their movement. ”120 Later a similar plot by Damad Mahmud Pasha was also uncovered by the Ottoman intelligence service at its earliest stage,121 and the efforts made by the new committee toward the assassination of the sultan ultimately bore no fruit. The Coup d’État Attempt of 1902–1903 The members of the new committee were extremely confident of success in bringing down the sultan, and their failure in the initial undertakings gave rise to acute frustration.

165 While these events were taking place in Tripoli of Barbary and Cairo, all other preparations were made, including the printing of a leaflet to be distributed when the expeditionary force landed in Istanbul. 166 Now the only remaining step to be taken before the venture was the purchase of the vessels, the tonnage and dimensions of which had been given to ™smail Kemal. 168 When Re„id Sadi arrived there, he was surprised at not seeing the large vessels that they had planned to purchase in the Piraeus harbor.

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