By Aditya Behl

The come across among Muslim and Hindu is still one of many defining problems with South Asian society this present day. it all started as early because the eighth century, and the 1st Muslim country in India, the Sultanate of Delhi, was once validated on the finish of the twelfth century. This strength ultimately diminished to vassalage nearly each self sustaining state at the subcontinent. In Love's sophisticated Magic, a outstanding and hugely unique publication, Aditya Behl makes use of a little-understood style of Sufi literature to color a wholly new photograph of the evolution of Indian tradition in the course of the earliest interval of Muslim domination.

These curious romantic stories transmit a profound spiritual message throughout the medium of adventurous tales of affection. even though composed within the Muslim courts, they're written in a vernacular Indian language and contain Hindu yogis, Hindu princes and princesses, and Hindu gods. before, they've got defied research. Behl exhibits that the Sufi authors of those captivating stories sought to show an Islamic imaginative and prescient through an Indian idiom. They therefore represent the earliest test on the indigenization of Islamic literature in an Indian atmosphere. extra vital, in spite of the fact that, Behl's research brilliantly illuminates the cosmopolitan and composite tradition of the Sultanate India within which they have been composed. This in flip compels us thoroughly to reconsider the traditional of the competition among Indian Hindu and overseas Muslim and realize that the Indo-Islamic tradition of this period was once already considerably Indian in lots of vital ways.

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A discussion of the Chishti practice of audition or samā‘ shows how Studying the Sultanate Period 29 ritual manipulation of the listening self was the most valued part of the reception of the Hindavī Sufi romances, making the Sufi novice under the guidance of a teaching shaikh the ideal reader of the romances. The final chapter considers the sources of the stories in the wider culture of the Indian Ocean, their translations into Persian, and their subsequent impact on the wider world. All in all, the various chapters delineate a number of aspects of the genre: formation of a Hindavī poetics of multiple meanings with a distinctive slant, creation of a generic formula, use of narrative motifs, use of landscape and coded language to denote interior and imaginative journeys, cultural and literary understandings of the Turkish conquest of Hindustan, gender stereotypes used to denote spiritual transformation as well as mystical love, the cosmological and ascetic context for the lush eroticism of the texts, and finally, the audiences for whom the pleasure of listening to narrative poetry was mediated by the Sufi practice of audition and theological interpretation.

The Chapters of This Book The chapters focus on the four major sultanate romances. My main objective is to provide a reading of the major texts of this unjustly neglected literary tradition. Chapter 2 examines the religious and political structures of address in the prologues of the Hindavī Sufi romances, using a set of frames derived from Persian models and adapted into the new literary language Hindavī, as well as the schemes of meaning they invoke through their discussions of the ideal reading or listening subject.

Were discursive traditions, in the sense that they were rooted in written or oral genres that had sufficient historical depth to lend them the weight of authority. And they were Islamic traditions inasmuch as they all related themselves in some way to the Qur’ān or the Traditions of the Prophet. Thus, when a writer of a compendium of Sufi biographies sat down to do his work, there would already have existed in his mind an established model of what such a work should be like, and that model would in turn have had its roots in formulations and explications of piety traceable to the foundational texts of the religion.

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Love's subtle magic : an Indian Islamic literary tradition, by Aditya Behl
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