By Dos Winkel

Dutch and German Academy of Orthopaedic medication. A reference for physicians and actual therapists emphasizing practical anatomy, medical exam, pathology, and remedy of spinal issues. contains dialogue on temporomandibular joint.

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The suprascapular nerve , covered by the platysma , runs caudally with several branches and partially inne rvates the skin in the clavicular region. Vari ous branches of the cervical plexus in­ ne rvate the scalene muscles. The ph renic 33 nerve (mainly C 4) arises in the cervical plexus. This nerve runs along the medial pleu­ ral layer from the anterior scalene muscle to the diaphragm. DORSAL RAMI OF THE SPINAL NERVES Of the dorsal spinal nerves , the two most cranial are the suboccipital and greater oc­ cipital nerves.

London: Churchill Livingstone; 1 967. Cyriax J. Textbook oj Orthopaedic Medicine. 7th ed. Elias N . Vber den Pr-ozejS der Zivilisation. 5th ed. Baden-Baden, Germany: Suhrkamp; 1 978; 1 , 2 . o 'Rahilly R Anatomy. Philadelphia: WE Saw1ders; 1 975. Gray H, Williams PL, Warwick R Gray's Anatomy. 36th Haak A , Steendijk R, de Wijn IF. De Samenstelling van het menselijk Lichaam. Assen, Netherlands: Van Gorcwn; 1 968. Hafferl A. Lehrbuch der topographischen Anatomie des Menschen. Berlin: Springer Verlag; 1 957.

This is the lower edge of the liver (Figures 1- 16 and 1 - 17). Due to va rious pathological p rocesses , this o rgan can be­ come enlarged; in this case , the lower edge is found farther caudally. Spleen Figure 1-18 P roj ection of several organs on th e ventral tru nk wall. Kidneys In very thin people, the kidneys can be pal­ pated (Figures 1- 17 and 1-18). The examiner g rasps the patient's flank with one hand, whereby the fingers lie dorsally in the lateral trunk region. The other hand gently presses into the lateral t runk region from ventrally .

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