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I come rather as one who has suffered injustice and continues to suffer injustice. I am the Regent of the Empire of the Romans, appointed by the deceased Emperor Andronikos. The youthful successor of the Empire is my Emperor and son by adoption, for thus did his father charge me before God. What crime did I perpetrate by wishing to make him my son-in-law? Do you not know that his father looked upon me and watched over me and loved me as a true brother and that often he charged me with the care of the government and shared it with me?

He stipulated that Stefan, Lazar's consecrated kral by Serbia following that calamity, accompany Bayazid when on campaign with his Serbian troops. He further stipulated that Stefan give him in marriage his sister Maria, Lazar's daughter, a tender virgin, as well as many talents of silver from the silver mines of Serbia. 2. Once the Serbs had become tributaries of the Turks in this manner, Bayazid assembled the entire cavalry of the Thracian and Theçsalian forces and went to the coast leading to the eastern provinces.

Aydin, the ruler of the Turks, who was also Umur’s father, captured it from the Romans in the days of Andronikos the Elder and occupied it. Such was the end of Umur [May 13481. Vlll 1. Kantakouzenos swore inviolable friendship with the kraI and drew up treaties about the intermediate fortresses and towns and provinces of the unfortunate Empire of the Romans. 44 He also began to overrun and pillage and lay waste all the cities of Thrace as far as Selymbria. When the Constantinopolitans learned of the deed perpetrated by Umur that past winter, they 70 Decline und Fall of Byzantium concluded that Kantakouzenos had sent Umur and was thus responsible for his visit-not knowing that Umur had corne uninvited or that the evil Fortune of the Romans, spinning adversely her threads, had caused him to come and trample the fertile soil of the land of the Romans.

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