By George Z. Voyiadjis and David H. Allen (Eds.)

Written by means of best gurus within the box of wear and micromechanics of composites, this publication offers regularly with the wear and tear impaired in composites because of varieties of loading. It examines the differing kinds of wear and tear in composites within the fiber, matrix, debonding and delamination. It additionally studies the theoretical characterization of wear, its experimental decision in addition to the numerical simulation of wear and tear.

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When both the matrix and the inclusion have the same elasticity these tensors are reduced to identity. The introduction of damage in the formulation implies a new expression of relations (3). s s(x) = A s ( x ) :E _ in the effective state (4) Cs (x) = Ss (x) :Z I Es (x) = A s (x) :E and in the real state. (5) t % (x) = h, (x) :~ As it can be shown, the expression of the strain tensor remains unchanged with the strain equivalence hypothesis and all the effect of damage is reported on the expression of the stress tensor.

B. Majumdar, G. Newaz, J. Ellis, Evolution of Damage and Plasticity in Titanium-Based, Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Metallurgical Transactions A, Vol. 24A, pp. 15971610, (1993).

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Damage and Interfacial Debonding in Composites by George Z. Voyiadjis and David H. Allen (Eds.)
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