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34). The strongly dichotomised relation between oral and literate consciousness which Ong, Foley and others explicate deserves our careful consideration, although we must be equally careful not to over-emphasise the dichotomy. The assimilation of writing with its concomitant changes in consciousness and view of reality is a gradual and complex process, since it takes place within a dynamic, social context (for example, Goody 1986 and Clanchy 1993). Between orality and literacy In her book Visible Song, Katherine O´Brien O´Keeffe explores the border zone between orality and literacy against the background of early Anglo-Saxon literature.

The particularistic nature of the tribal organisation would however by necessity make this form of leadership highly volatile and thus appear to the outside observer as a temporary institution. Although the majority of Tervingian tribes acknowledged Athanaric’s superiority, a few did not, and there was nothing he could do about it. Later, when hard pressed by the sudden and fierce attack of the Huns in 376, a majority of the people deserted him, and forced their way onto Roman territory under the leadership of Alavivus and Fritigern (Wolfram 1988, pp.

Heather (1991, p. 103) boldly proclaims it ‘perverse to conclude that the judge and confederation of the Tervingi were anything other than permanent’. Well, call me perverse if you like, but I cannot agree (also Thompson 1966, p. 54). As an addendum to this discussion it is worth mentioning that the word reiks is used to translate ‘archon, governor or military commander’ in the Gothic bible 39 (James 1989, p.

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Creation and the Cosmic System: Al-Ghazali and Avicenna by Richard M. Frank
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