By Andrew E. Romer, Baynard Bosseman, II

This useful pocket advisor describes the soil varieties, environmental stipulations, and electrochemical procedures that reason exterior corrosion of steel pipes, in addition to the right way to shield pipe with coatings, polyethylene wraps, electrical present (cathodic protection), and stable set up practices

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Local Cell: A galvanic cell caused by small differences in composition in the metal or the electrolyte. Oxygen Concentration Cell: A galvanic cell caused by a difference in oxygen concentration at two points on a metal surface. Coating A liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition that, after application to a surface, is converted into a solid protective, decorative, or functional adherent film. Concentration An electrochemical cell, the electromotive force Cell of which is caused by a difference in concentration of some component in the electrolyte.

Means of Protecting the Interior of Water Mains Linings. The protective properties of cementmortar lining result from two properties of cement. The first is the chemically alkaline reaction of the cement, and the second is the gradual reduction in the amount of water in contact with the iron. When a cement-mortar-lined pipe is filled with water, water permeates the pores of the lining, freeing a considerable amount of calcium hydrate. The calcium hydrate reacts with the calcium bicarbonate in the water to precipitate calcium carbonate.

This is because highly conductive waters tend to make lead and copper more soluble. indb 34 2/11/2009 2:42:14 PM Contact A term used to describe an undesired metal‑tometal junction between two different structures underground or defective and bypassed meter or flange insulation. Corrosion The deterioration of a material or its properties, usually a metal, resulting from a reaction with its environment. Corrosion Rate The rate at which corrosion damage proceeds. Corrosion The potential of a corroding surface in an elecPotential trolyte relative to a reference electrode under (Ecorr) open-circuit conditions (also known as rest potential, open-circuit potential, freely corroding potential, or free-corrosion potential).

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