By Victor A. Tcherikover; Alexander Fuks; Menahem Stern; David M. Lewis

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72. L I T . : Wilcken, Arch, xi, 1935,142. Collart, Revue de Philologie, 3 serie, ix, 1935,104. Kortenbeutel, Gnomon, xi, 1935, 442. Schmidt, GGA, cxcvii, 1935, 3 1 3 . Avogadro, Aeg. x v , 1935, 198 sq. Wallace, Taxation, 388 n. 3 3 . D. (see P. Gron. 3, Introduction). It seems that the writer is explaining to the strategos of the 28 S E C T I O N X I I : NOS. 4 5 1 - 4 8 0 nome the difference revealed between the number of sheep and goats as stated in the recent i^apldpqais and that deriving from the former d-n-oypa^q (1.

Remember . . 3. t w i rov vofiov oTp[aT7jyu>i—the strategos was one of the officials most concerned with the reports on animals and with the census undertaken for their verification. , P. Amh. ii. 7 3 ; P. Flor. iii. 374; P. Oxy. ii. 245; P S I i. 56). 7. i[oea>s. s of live-stock cf. P. Oxy. xvii. 2118, 2117. , undertaken with a view to testing the accuracy of the returns made by the owners. 10. inep viro[\6yov van Groningen. 13. ou>v—TrpaOeiowv is tentatively restored by the editor. , P. Amh.

3. For the office of i$7iyqrqs cf. Jouguet, La Vie municipale, 293 sqq. The office was filled, evidently by the father of Aurelia. The fact that both the manumittor Aurelius and the father of his half-sister filled important offices in Oxyrhynchos attests their belonging to the city aristocracy. The possibility of their being members of the Jewish community is, therefore, out of the question. For the office of a Kovparutp cf. Mitteis, Grundziige, 250; Taubenschlag ,179; P. Vind. Bosw. 6. 2 n. 4.

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Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum, Volume 3: Late Roman & by Victor A. Tcherikover; Alexander Fuks; Menahem Stern; David
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