By John Benedetto, Christopher Heil (auth.), Prof. I. Gohberg (eds.)

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Be the (n - 1) x n matrix defined by ~=C 0 I :) Ellis et al. 15) j=O where R = diag(Xol, 0,· .. 16) 49 Ellis et al. 15), we find that Therefore Tn - where 1 satisfies the Stein equation o 50 Ellis et aI. From the hypotheses of the theorem it follows that Tn - [is compact. Therefore T;l - [ is also compact. Since X is the first column of T;l, we deduce that Xo - [,Xl,"', and Xn are all compact. Therefore Kx =K+S where K is compact and o [ o [ o [ Since K~ sn = 0, it follows that K~ = {o}. 21) with T We conclude that K~ = Tn - l and A = K~ .

Then E 23 Benedetto et a1. where Rk is the Taylor remainder for some ebetween 0 and 'Y. 2- io ko such that Dk~(xo) =1= As Dk~ is continuous, there exists some dyadic point Xo = O. Given i > io, set kj Je-21riXo-r~(2-j'Y)~("'()d'Y o= = J e-21rixo-r = II (j) 'Yk~:~tO) ~("'()d'Y + = 2j - jo ko. 8), J e-21rixo-r Rk(Tj'Y)~("'()d'Y + I2(j). Now, = Cl 1'Ylk+1 2i(k+l) Thus ~ 2ig~1) I2(j) J + l'YI)N+1I~(",()1 (1 < Cl (1 + l'YI)N+l 2i(k+l ) d'Y = 2ig:1)' so I 2 (j) E O(2- i (k+l»). Also, C = ·k - - . " .

5. Chapter 3 contains the proof of the matrix generalization of the Krein-Langer theorem. 2. CHAPTER 1. 1. Krein Functions of the First and Second Kind Let a be a positive real number and let K be a function In L;"xm( -a, a). Then k determines an operator K on L;"xm(O, a) defined by (Kcp)(t) = loa k(t - s)cp(s)ds Suppose that there is a solution 9 E L;"xm(o, a) of the equation (I - K)g = k, that is, g(t) and let g(t) -l a k(t - s)g(s)ds = k(t) = 0 for t outside [O,a]. 1) Let = -2k(t) + g(t) - 21t k(t - s)g(s)ds (0:5 t :5 a).

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Continuous and Discrete Fourier Transforms, Extension by John Benedetto, Christopher Heil (auth.), Prof. I. Gohberg
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