By Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad

The fiscal, social, political, army, and highbrow facets of the Muslims' situation for heritage demonstrate the overall constitution in their notion of reality.

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The Muslim Brotherhood and other normativist Muslim groups such as the Hizb * al-Tahrir* as well as Pan-Islamists, however, denounced regionalism and nationalism as alien ideologies since they established norms for the formation of a collectivity that are foreign to Islamic revelation. The criteria for inclusion were linguistic as well as primary identification with a collective past and heritage and a commitment to work for a common future. The "Umma," the distinctive name of the Islamic community or people of God, is supplanted by an Arab community whose primary goals and modes of operation, its hopes, and its criteria of judgment, are not only man-made and therefore possibly competitive with the purpose of God, but also in direct opposition to the precepts of Islam.

Title : Contemporary Islam and the Challenge of History author : Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck. 09/04 subject : Islam--20th century, History (Islamic theology) Page iii Contemporary Islam and the Challenge of History Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad Associate Professor of Islamic Studies Hartford Seminary State University of New York Press · Albany Page iv Chapter III and portions of Chapter II appeared as "The Arab Israeli Wars, Nasserism, and the Affirmation of Islamic Identity" in John L. , Islam and Development, Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1980.

2 This dual recognition in which past and present, recognition and action, combine into a creative whole is part of both the individual and the communal understanding. Thus for modern Muslims the past, the tradition, is crucial to the working out of the present. One of the tasks of this study is to attempt to present the ways in which the particular political and social events of the twentieth century have been radically determined by the understanding of the Islamic heritage from its beginning.

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