By Annabelle Curtis Judy Hindley

Книга на испанском языке, посвященная изготовлению игрушек из бумаги и картона. В красочном издании представлены инструкции и иллюстрации, с помощью которых можно вместе с детьми сделать объемные открытки, коробочки с сюрпризами, фонарики, мобили, игрушечный картонный город с бумажными жителями, средневековый замок, фигурки животных и цветов и др.

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This play is also characterised by its social qualities. Whereas the younger child is the producer, director, and star of her own show, the five-year-old wants to include playmates. There is discussion and negotiation about the roles and lines that each character will speak. These are often rehearsed and elaborated, and may evolve as the play continues. Props are still an important part of this play, but there is clearly an ability to include sustained imaginative sequences, with little or no external props.

For Mr Willis, pain was a recurring reminder of loss that seemed to drive him deeper into depression. Other elders appear to experience pain not so much as a threat but as a nuisance — and perhaps a severe one. They do not seem, however, to suffer fear or anguish in relation to the pain. Instead, some elders laugh at their pains or remark that the pain is a valuable part of their present existence. ” Why do some elders feel this way about pain while others experience pain as a severe threat? Part of the answer lies in the meaning of the pain.

For example, if the momentary stinging that occurs as the anaesthetic is injected is interpreted as “fairies’ feet dancing” or a “kitten licking my chin,” the child can perceive it as tolerable, sometimes even pleasurable. Without this reinterpretation, children are very likely to worry that the stinging is a harbinger of great pain yet to come, and their fear and vigilance escalate quickly. It is important to note that, although Kerrie’s case demonstrates a physician providing psychological intervention while suturing her chin, the intervention could have also been provided by a psychologist, social worker, nurse, or other professional.

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