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Nor does he derive distinctive ideas fmm the epistk; the M o d o t r r like James draw on the common stock of ethical tcachlng, and though both mate much use of the Jewish theme of doubleness as a cmae of sin, Herma's exploration of this in I s m s of two miritr or two desires.. though it has Tewish parallels (see on i. 8). is foreign la J a m s T h e stmng i m p s sion is, however, that H e m w is familiar with J a m %that the lsnguqe of the epistle mlows his exposition of hns ideas and tha~t &here he once tnkes up P n expression, other reminiscences tend to fdlow.

19M H. Wxndisch. Die Kolholirrhe* Bri~fa. T"bingm. 1951 I. Cmlinrr. CM.. &# tpllm, & Smit J q r iel & Soint y d z (burs Bablqml. Panh 1971 1. C h a m . L'fpllr. dr S o w j o r p u s (Bude. Bnbliqucs), 2nd 4%P v l r 1927 1. cpi*Iq Y . phy. 1. a, mar kfolnnd ~ n ~ h c E T o f L h b c l ~ v r THE EPISTLE OF JAMES I. ADDRESS AND GREETING i. I (1)Jmes,newant of God a n d of the Lonl Jesos Christ, to the Twelvc Tribes in the Dispersion: Orrctings. The epistle OpmS in mnvationd ktter form. with ident i h t i o n of aritcr and recipients, and rnlutation.

Nviii 25; lcm. xli. 17). the lears so resndent fer. In vii. 35; 2 M ~ C Ci.. g. Judith v. 19; Test Asher vii. 2). The address a u l d xem. then, to define the readers in r a d d and geographical terms. though the g a r p p h i c d delinition would be mom than mmcwhat open (6. the address of 1 Peter to the 'chosen a j o w n a s of the Dispersion' in the provinces of Asia Minor. 1 Pet. i. 1). g.. Mayor, Hort and Chaine). However, the address cannot be misfanorily explained as simply an empirical definition.

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