By Bernard J. F. Lonergan, Frederick E. Crowe, Robert M. Doran, Lonergan Research Institute

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There does not seem to be an object for philosophical understanding. 7), and the LRI tape at 'can be wrong' (a few lines later). The rest of the lecture is filled in from notes taken (FEC and WAS). 32 See lecture 9, Metaphysical Analysis and Metaphysical Integration. The Robert Mollot Collection 2 Elements of Understanding1 i The Value of Self-appropriation We have been discussing self-appropriation, and we wish now to take the question further. 2 First of all, self-appropriation is advertence — advertence to oneself as experiencing, understanding, and judging.

They are catching on; they are understanding, or they are trying to understand; they are very puzzled or tense - intellectual consciousness. ' and as conceiving and expressing. But beyond this second level, there is a third level on which you are present to yourself, rational consciousness. ' On the level of rational consciousness, the level of reflection, the question is, Is it true or false? ^ Then your rational reflection is about yourself. ' - where rational reflection is concerned with your own action.

In the history of Socrates we find a second illustration of the difference between insight into the particular case and the general formulation. Socrates went around Athens asking people, 'What is it to be a brave man? What is it to be a temperate man? What is it to be a wise man? ' The Athenians felt they had a very good idea of who was brave, temperate, just, or wise, and who was not, but they could not answer Socrates' questions. Socrates would make monkeys of them every time. How was it, then, that they did know what it is to be brave, temperate, just, and wise, and yet invariably Socrates was able to show them that they really knew nothing about the subjects at all?

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Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: Understanding and being by Bernard J. F. Lonergan, Frederick E. Crowe, Robert M. Doran,
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