By John L. Locke, Arthur S. Reber, Rhianon Allen, David Navon, J. A. Fodor & P. N. Johnson-Laird

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However, some of the analyses presented below lead us to question even further the extent to which the PA procedure provides subjects with much structural information. Independent of this issue, it is clear that subjects finished the PA learning phase with a good deal of information of some kind about the exemplars. 9 correct, or essentially half. Given the considerable degree of similarity between the learning exemplars this number is impressively high. Finally, we looked to see if there was any relationship between each individual’s performance on this final test and his ability to judge the well-formedness of letter strings.

05. After the OBS learning experience the difference between justified and unjustified responses is not different, t(9) < 1. 01. The essential difference here is between the ability of subjects to deal effectively with letter strings when they have no explicit verbalizable knowledge to guide them. After both learning procedures subjects emerged with a small but solid body of articulated rules which they used to make decisions about 212 A. S. Reber and R. Alkw Table 4. 703 the well-formedness of novel letter strings.

In preparation. Reber. A. S. and Millward, R. B. (1968) Event observation in probability learning. J. exper. 317-327. Rcbcr. A. S. and Millward. R. B. Amer. J. , X4. 85 99. Ryle. G. (1949) The Concepf ofMind. London, Ilutchinson. for a Shaw, R. and Pittengcr. J. (1977) Perceiving the face of change in changin, 0 faces: Implications theory of object perception. In R. Shaw and J. ), Perceiving, Acting, and Knorvin,c. Ilillsdale, N. J.. Lawrence Erlbaum. Vcrbrugge. R. R. (1977) Resemblances in language and perception.

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Cognition, Vol. 6, No. 3 by John L. Locke, Arthur S. Reber, Rhianon Allen, David Navon,
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