By Dennis R. MacDonald

This examine specializes in the apocryphal Acts of Andrew (c. 2 hundred CE), which purports to inform the tale of the travels, miracles, and martyrdom of the apostle Andrew. conventional scholarship has sought for the heritage of such writings in Jewish and Christian scriptures. MacDonald, notwithstanding, breaks with that version and appears to vintage literature for the assets of this tale. in particular, he argues that the Acts signify an try to rework Greco-Roman fable into Christian narrative different types by way of telling the tale of Andrew by way of Homeric epic, particularly the Odyssey. MacDonald provides a point-by-point comparability of the 2 works, discovering the resemblances so powerful, various, and tendentious that they nearly compel the reader to think about the Acts a transformative "rewriting" of the epic. This discovery not just sheds worthwhile mild at the makes use of of Homer within the early church but additionally considerably contributes to our knowing of the reception of Homer within the empire as an entire.

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As one authority on Justin has observed: Was Justinus an Homer positiv einschatzt, fmdet er ohne Ausnahme in der Odyssee, vor allem in der Nekyia: Es sind die Schilderungen von Leben nach dem Tode. . Justins negative Wertung des Dichters bezieht sich dagegen auf den ganzen Homer, und sie trifft den Dichter der Ilias in noch grosserem Masse als den Dichter der Odyssee. (Glockmann, Homer, 194) For example, Justin argued for the immortality of the soul by appealing to "the ditch in Homer and the descent of Odysseus to visit the dead" (First Apology 18; cf.

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