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Self-study CEH qualified moral Hacker examination prep consultant: entire assurance of all CEH matters & examination themes; try methods & information; & forty hugely real looking pattern questions & workouts, to bolster realizing & organize for first-try examination good fortune.

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Does not complete the TCP three-way handshake. A SYN packet is sent to a target. If a SYN/ACK frame is sent back, the connection is assumed and the port is listening. If a RST frame is sent back, the post is assumed inactive or closed. Fewer IDS system log SYN scans as an attempted attack. 2 XMAS scans Sends packets with the FIN, URG, and PSH flags sets. If there is no response, the port is open. If the response is a RST/ACK packet, the port is closed. Works only on UNIX. Works only on systems following the TCP/IP implementation of RFC793.

Exchanges commands and response. Used to learn about the system. 2 CEH Scanning Methodology The process which a hacker scans the network. Ensures nothing is overlooked. 3 Check for live systems Check for open ports Identify services Banner grabbing and OS fingerprinting Vulnerability scanning Draw network diagrams of vulnerable hosts Prepare probes Attack Ping Sweeps Checks for systems, which are live on the network. Simple technique, but not the most accurate. Sends an ICMP request to all hosts on the network.

Entices users to take action, which inadvertently installs malicious software. 7 URL Obfuscation Used in phishing attacks. Some online frauds make the method seem legitimate. The intent is to lead the user to a hidden or fake URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which appears to be legitimate. Obfuscation typically uses hexadecimal or decimal notation. 8 Countermeasures    Documenting and enforcing security policies Conducting security awareness programs Continual communication and education Security policies should involve:  How and when accounts are set-up and terminated  Password changes  Identifying who can access what information  How violations to policies will be handled  Destruction of paper documents  Physical access restrictions  Control of modem access  Virus controls 44 Copyright The Art of Service 9 Scanning Another pre-attack activity.

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