By B. Imelik

A result of nice value of acid catalysis within the petrochemical undefined, vast study has been conducted over the past 30 years in regards to the basic and utilized facets of catalysis through acids. against this, base-catalyzed reactions have bought little cognizance in heterogeneous catalysis. the purpose of this symposium used to be to judge our wisdom of the real sector of acid and base catalysis and to hide a large diversity of solids, zeolite chemistry being just one point of heterogeneous catalysis.

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3 and 4 ) , and resists evacuation at 573 K. These features agree with those of a methoxy group, even if the low values of $ C H and the high value of vCO cleyrly indicate that it is more anionic than the previous species owing to the weakening of Lewis sites induced by KOH doping. The impregnation of Ti0 -P or Ti0 -D with KOH solution results in a pro2 2 gressive disappearance of the high temperature desorption peaks, as shown inFig. TPD. - 8 for Ti0 -P. This is related t o the poisoning of Lewis acid sites, and of surfa2 ce Ti02 hydroxy groups, due to the reaction with KOH.

In addition to methanol evolution, these authors observed evolution of DME at 573 - 673 K, and of C H at 573 2 6 - 723 K. This compari- son indicates a likely correlation between ethane evolution and the presence of sulphate impurities. 20 The decomposition of the full line curve in Fig. 5 has been made under the assumption that curves I, IV are symmetrical, and curve I1 is obtained by difference. Both a priori and experimental criteria have shown that diffusional resistances and readsorption could be neglected during the analysis of TPD results [3,10] Curves I, 111, IV in Fig.

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