By Arthur John Butler

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Pinart 'seemed to be something moved'; but fell back on the lack of welcome given to the marriage project in England, and the difficulty of getting a straight answer from the Queen. To Cohham's request for a written statement of the impression produced by his negotiations, which might clear himself from the charge of liikewarmness in the matter, he made objections; but gave his personal testimony to the king's belief in the ambassador's 'zeal and inclination PEBFAOB. ' On this occasion, and m a subsequent conversation five days later, Pinart seems to have suggested a way out of the deadlock.

From what is obviously a fragment of his instructionsf **This is lather curious. If, as can hardly be doubted, Mayneville was the * gentleman' in question, it looks as if he had originally tried to sail from Holland, in the belief that a Dutch bottom was a more secure means of transport if Huguenot cruisers were about. He seems ultimately to have sailed from Calais on Jan. 9, leaching Edinburgh on the 20th. t The editor has to apologise for the oversight by which this fragment, scribbled on the back of the draft of one of 'Walsingham's dispatches to Cobham, was hastily assumed to belong to a very different document.

Lennox shut himself up in Dumbarton Castle, and held it and afterwards Rothesay for a time; but he had few friends, and his power was gone; though nearly two months later we hear that the confederates in Paris still cherished hopes of its revival. ' He did not indeed leave Scotland till the end of the year; but the party did not show fight, and James ceased for a time to dally with his French Jdnsfolk. Elizabeth sent Sir George Carey and Mr Eobert Bowes to maintain him in his good resolutions. The news of the Raid was at once imparted to Mauvissiere; who, being no friend to the Guises- seems to have taken it very philosophically.

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