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If, on the other hand, they succumb to the temptation to recruit a disproportionate number from the higher-ability ranges, that is, pupils who are likely to stay on in any case, nothing will have been done for the overall national staying-on rate. 4 Measures vital to the attainment of real economic progress have been left out of the package. 20 BRITAIN’S EDUCATIONAL REFORM One of Britain’s major economic obstacles, a low general level of education in the majority of the population, because schooling for more than 50 per cent ends at 16-plus, remains untackled.

Both of them are diminished by the competition ethos generated by the government because both would be enhanced by local cooperation. Britain and Japan are both island nations, each lying off the coast of a large and historically influential continent, our usable land areas are comparable in size and the opportunities available to both of us are similar. The economic progress of Japan since the end of the last war has been truly astounding whilst that of Britain has been slow and sporadic. A few facts and figures will be enough to gain an appreciation of Japan’s achievement.

112, item 49) In this section I shall attempt to address some of these differences in a statistical form. More detail on the organization of the British and Japanese education system generally appears in later chapters. 6 Later in the book I shall refer to British observers who point to the didactic and, by our standards, uninteresting nature of the teaching in Japanese schools. This is a point of view with which I concur unreservedly. I should be worried to find any of my own staff teaching in this style.

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