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10 m, each was inscribed with a man’s name, the color of his horse, a description of its brand (a symbol such as a centaur, ax, trident, or snake), and a price falling somewhere between 500 and 1,200 drachmas, the average being about 700 drachmas (two years’ wages). Analysis of these tablets suggests that they are the record of ~ )the cavalry. The information prethe annual evaluation ( ~ i p q o tof served on them would allow the state to properly compensate a cavalryman if his horse was lost in battle.

Donkeys, as today, were used primarily for riding and as beasts of burden. Often associated with the god Dionysos and his rowdy, drunken followers, they are readily identified on painted pots by their characteristic long ears and evidence of sexual arousal. D. 267 (56). Ancient Athenian literature is full of references to the horse, which played a significant role in Athenian social, political, and military life. Athenian sculptors, painters, and potters found horses a popular subject from the beginnings of Greek art to the end of antiquity.

H. 1977. “An Archive of the Athenian Cavalry,” Hesperia 46, pp. 83-140. Speidel, M. 1994. Ridingfor Caesar, Cambridge. Spence, I. G. 1993. The Cavalry of Classical Greece, Oxford. Worley, L. J. 1994. Hippeis: The Cavalry ofAncient Greece, Oxford. Xenophon. On Horsemanship; The Cavalry Commander.

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