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This dictionary supplies accomplished assurance of anatomical phrases, problems, exams, remedies and medication and comprises huge move referencing for speedy entry to comparable issues.

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Angiography provides information on all types of aneurysm. Ruptured or enlarged aneurysms require immediate surgery (see arterial reconstructive surgery). angina A strangling or constrictive pain. Angina has become synonymous with the heart disorder angina pectoris. Other types of angina include abdominal angina (abdominal pain after eating caused by poor blood supply to the intestines) and Vincent’s angina, pain caused by inflammation of the mouth (see Vincent’s disease). angina pectoris Pain in the chest due to insufficient oxygen being carried to the heart muscle in the blood.

If the pain of angina pectoris continues, it may be due to myocardial infarction. Rare causes include severe anaemia and polycythaemia, which thickens the blood, causing its flow through the heart muscle to slow. The pain usually starts in the centre of the chest but can spread to the throat, upper jaw, back, and arms (usually the left one) or between the shoulderblades. The pain usually comes on when the heart is working harder and requires more oxygen, for example during exercise. Angina developing during sleep or without provocation is known as unstable angina.

Megaloblastic anaemia due to poor diet can be remedied with a short course of vitamin B12 injections or folic acid tablets and the introduction of a normal diet. A lifelong course of vitamin B12 injections or folic acid tablets is required if the underlying cause of malabsorption is untreatable. anaemia, pernicious See anaemia, megaloblastic. anaerobic Capable of living, functioning, and growing without oxygen. Many bacteria are anaerobic. Some human body cells are capable of limited anaerobic activity.

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