By B. Gérard Adhoute M.D. (auth.)

The perform of autologous blood assortment and transfusion has been progressively expanding. the concept that isn't new; notwithstanding, its software has been constrained as a result of loss of curiosity and willingness to make the additional attempt required. additionally there was quandary concerning the safeguard of the approach. Homologous blood transfusion is straightforward and has allo­ wed us to salvage lives and practice methods which might now not were possible with out the provision of entire blood or its elements. Transfusion with homologous blood items is secure; even if, com­ plications can and do ensue. The transmission of AIDS through transfusion of homologous blood items has considerably elevated sufferer and health practitioner expertise of the hazards one faces. This power complica­ tion has promoted autotransfusion. it truly is now typical and reques­ ted by means of sufferers and physicians. Blood for autotransfusion is gathered pre or intraoperatively via phle­ botomy and retrieved intra and submit operatively from websites of hemor­ rhage. as soon as gathered, the blood is both kept or again to the sufferer as complete or processed blood. To have a winning autotransfusion software calls for anticipation of its wishes and coordination and coaching of concerned personel within the blood financial institution, emergency room, working room and post-surgical care devices. Pre deposit and processing of amassed blood calls for remission of donor standards and labeling and garage procedures.

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1). If 3 units may be required, a similar procedure is carried out. On the fourteenth day the two units Band C are given to the patient and two new units D and E are removed. On the 16th day, a single unit F is removed. The patient operated on, for example, on the 23rd day, has available 3 units of blood, one a week old, and two less than 9 days old (Figs. 2, 3). In this way, only fresh blood, less than 10 days old, is transfused, in which the remaining level of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3 DPG) is high enough to ensure high oxygen carrying capacity (Figs.

9. Brenner BG, Benarrosh S, Margolese RG (1986) Peripheral blood natural killer cell activity in human breast cancer patients and its modulation by T cell growth factor and autologous plasma. Cancer 4: 895-902. 10. Briden KL, Teltzer M, Weiss HR (1979) The effect of mild normovolemic hemodilution on regional flow, oxygenation an small vessel blood content in the rabbit heart subjected to acute coronary occlusion. Cir Shock 6 : 223-233. 11. Brinquin L, Bonsignour JP, Dorne R, Legulluche Y, Le Bever H, Trannoy P, Rigaud A, We1fringer P, Pharaboz C (1986) Fibrome nasopharyngien, excision sous hemodilution et AT.

On the day of operation replacement with homologous albumin together with autologous red cells can be carried out (cf. « Ultralite » in the chapter « Preoperative autotransfusion »). Hematological changes The physiological consequences of single or multiple removals of blood for autotransfusion are numerous. They determine the ways in which the technique can be applied, and affect the methods used. Several parameters will be discussed. Deferred autotransfusion 45 Blood volume This is from 60 to 80 mllkg in the adult.

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