By Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

The Atlas of Seeds and end result of important and East-European vegetation offers approximately 4,800 seed illustrations, supplemented with targeted seed descriptions, short plant descriptions, and knowledge at the locality and the local resource of crops. The Carpathian vegetation lined right here happens not just within the Carpathian Mountains, but additionally in huge lowlands extending in the direction of the south, north and east and includes brought and invading vegetation of greater than 7,500 species. This booklet is exclusive on counts. Its scope extends to an extraordinary variety of diverse plant seeds from a wide-ranging area. additionally, it provides descriptions in strange element.

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2n = 22. Originally growing in North America; in the Carpathians rarely planted in parks as a decorative shrub. 139. Fagus orientalis Lipsky−Tree, up to 40 m high, stronger, more mighty than F. sylvatica. Fruits nuts, trigonal, with wings along all margins, 15-20 x 9-12 mm. Surface like in F. sylvatica. Native to the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula as far as Persia, at lower elevations and shattered localities; in the Carpathians seldom planted in parks. Mo, Ro, Uk. 140. −Tree, up to 30 m high, trunk strongly ramified, expired in corona, bark greyish, smooth.

P. sinensis hort. − Tree, up to 30 m high, corona broadly pyramidal, 21 JUGLANDACEAE JUGLANDACEAE 101 99 100 102 108 104 105 110 103 106 109 107 CERCIDIPHYLLACEAE BETULACEAE leaves dark-green, lustrous, fertile racemes 20-30 cm long. Fruits achenes, double-winged, apex with rest of style, 18-20 x 20-24 mm. Surface faint undulated, slight lustrous, wings faint grooved, pale-brown. Native to China, squeamish species growing in valleys of mountain rivers, in leafy and mixed woods; in the Carpathians very rarely planted in parks as interesting species.

2n = 28. Native to southeastern Europe and western Asia; frequently planted in parks as solitary and tree-rows. Br, Cz, Hu, Ro, Sk, Uk. 131. Carpinus caroliniana Walt. , bark blue-grey, leaves elliptical. 2 mm. Surface biconvex, with 5 ribs on the dorsal side, ventral side with same shallow furrows, dull, greenish-brown or brown. Native to North America, in moist and rich soil bordering streams or swamps; in the Carpathians rarely cultivated in parks. 137. Corylus mandshurica Maxim. − Shrub, up to 3 m, strongly ramified.

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Atlas of Seeds and Fruits of Central and East-European by Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová
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