By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

This grammar of recent jap Armenian supplies an exact and specific description of the jap Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia this present day. with reference to methodological procedure and terminology it absolutely meets the calls for of contemporary normal linguistics and typology.

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Yasaman [jcscmcn] “lilac”, Ûáà yot’ [jfth] “seven”, ÛáõÕ»É yułel [jut7l] “to oint”, Ûáõñ³Ï³ÝãÛáõñ yurak’ anč’ yur [junckhc\twhjun] “each” or in medial position Ù³Ûñ mayr [mcjn] “mother”, ·³ÛÉ gayl [gcjl] “wolf ”, ³ñµáõÝÛ³Ï arbunyak [cnbunjck] “satellite”, ë»ÝÛ³Ï senyak [s7njck] “room”, ÓÛáõÝ jyun [dzjun] “snow”, ÙÛáõë myus [mjus] “other”, ϳÑáõÛù kahuyk’ [kchujkh] “furniture”, or in final position as in Ñ³Û hay [hcj] “Armenian”, µ³Û bay [bcj] “verb”, ïñ³Ùí³Û tramvay [tncmvcj] “streetcar” etc.

Xač’atryan 1988: 106. Vaux 1998: 17.  Armenian c. g. »Õµ³Ûñ ełbayr [j7ópcjn] “brother”, ß³Õ·³Ù šałgam [wcókcm] “turnip”, ¹»ÕÓ dełj [d7ótsh] “peach”, ³ÕçÇÏ ałjik [cótwhik] “girl” etc. Divergences between Pronunciation and Orthography with Plosives and Affricates Following these changes caused by assimilation, the following divergences between pronunciation and orthography can be stated: 1. A voiced bilabial plosive [b] is pronounced as [ph],26 if: – – – – it follows a flap [r] [n] in the following words (and their derivations and compounds): ³ñµ»É arbel [cnph7l] “to get drunk”; ¹³ñµÇÝ darbin [dcnphin] “smith”, »ñµ erb [j7nph] “when”, áñµ orb [‚fnph] “orphan”, Ýáõñµ nurb [nunph] “fine, delicate”, ëñµ»É srbel [s6nph7l] “to clean”, áõñµ³Ã urbat’ [unphcth] “Friday”, ѳñµ»É harbel ­[harph7l] “to drink, to get drunk”.

In the medial and final positions [f] is realised as [f]. The same exceptions as above with the vowel [7] also apply to the vowel [f] in the word formation: the internal á o is pronounced with an initial glide as [‚f]: in such words (compounds or those with prefixes), in which a vowel, usually ³ a [c], precedes the second part of the word with the initial á o [‚f], as in the superlative form ³Ù»Ý³áÕáñÙ»ÉÇ amenaołormeli [cm7nc‚ftfnm7li] “the most pitiable”. g. ³Ýáñë³ÉÇ anorsali [cnfnscli] “unhuntable”.

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