By Stephen Chambers

The August Offensive was once born out of the disasters of the Gallipoli landings and the next battles of overdue spring and early summer season 1915. basic Sir Ian Hamilton, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary strength, selected to play all his ultimate playing cards during this bold and inventive gamble that he was hoping may ultimately flip the tide within the allies want and convey his military up onto the heights overlooking the elusive Dardanelles.

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Unfortunately, although close to achieving its immediate objectives, the offensive hammered itself to a stalemate, which many believe was inevitable. Hamilton had played his last card and lost; the allied evacuation was foreseeable. This is the story of Gallipoli’s last great battle; the forlorn hope to bring the campaign to a successful close. In Anzac: The Landing we studied the Gaba Tepe landings and the fighting that followed in the attempt to capture the Sari Bair heights and the Third Ridge, the stepping stones across the Maidos plain to the Dardanelles.

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The right column that would head for Chunuk Bair would have a simpler navigation task, as their route was to some degree visible from the old Anzac perimeter. They would advance by way of Sazli Beit Dere and Chailak Dere onto the Rhododendron Spur and then to Chunuk Bair. The left column’s task was more complicated, having a dual objective. After reaching the head of the Aghyl Dere where it forks, the column would split: one half would cross the Damakjelik Spur and ascend the Abdul Rahman Spur to capture Hill 971, whilst the other half would ascend the right side of Damakjelik Spur to capture Hill Q.

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