By Nigel Palastanga MA BA FCSP DMS DipTP, Derek Field Grad Dip Phys FCSP DipTP SRP, Roger W. Soames BSc(Human Biology) PhD(Human Sciences)

A vintage textual content for these learning anatomy with over 25,000 copies offered, this publication has proven itself as a middle textbook for students.

All illustrations were redrawn to satisfy the wishes of scholars this present day in addition to a brand new layout and format to make learning anatomy easier.

The higher and reduce limbs were divided into the bones, muscle mass, joints, and nerve and blood provide, and the booklet additionally covers the surface, trunk, neck, head, viscera and frightened process in a complete way.

The musculoskeletal buildings are awarded as a dwelling dynamic process and is a must-buy for anatomy scholars at the present time together with all scholars of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, occupational therapists in addition to activities scientists, kinesiologists and podiatrists.

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19 INTRODUCTION: EARLY EMBRYOLOGY cells, under the influence of the inner cell mass, extra-embryonic endoderm. The space remainform the trophoectoderm which eventually forms ing is the yolk sac (see Fig. 12d). the fetal membranes. The inner cell mass forms the embryonic cells, and may also contribute to the extra-embryonic membranes. Prochordal plate In a localized area in the roof of the yolk sac the prochordal plate is formed. It occurs at the cranial The blastocyst end of the future embryo and gives the Some 4-6 days after fertilization the morula bilaminar disc bilateral symmetry.

Within the pectoral girdle the clavicle is the anterior preaxial bone and the scapula, with the exception of the coracoid process (which is also an anterior bone), is the posterior postaxial bone. The distinction with respect to the coracoid process is that phylogenetically it is a separate bone; its fusion with the scapula is secondary. Consequently, 46 ANATOMY AND HUMAN MOVEMENT muscles arising from the clavicle or coracoid process belong to the preaxial group, and are therefore supplied by preaxial branches of the brachial plexus.

The secretions of the glands include some disintegration products of the gland cells (apocrine secretions). The odour associated with these glands is not from the secretion itself, but is due to bacterial invasion and contamination from the skin. Pigment granules associated with axillary glands produce a slight coloration of the secretion. The apocrine glands vary with sexual development, enlarging at puberty. In females they show cyclical changes associated with the menstrual cycle. The glands which open at the margins of the eyelid (ciliary glands) are modified, uncoiled Sweat glands These have a wide distribution throughout the body (Fig.

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Anatomy and Human Movement: Structure and Function, 4e by Nigel Palastanga MA BA FCSP DMS DipTP, Derek Field Grad
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