By Karen Ball

A publication telling you all you desired to find out about intercourse yet have been too afraid to invite. Dont be shy, its all right here, from undesirable breath to love-bites, the 1st fumble at midnight to the morning after - youll quickly realize that birds and bees don't have anything to do with it. From the main angst ridden youngster to the couple considering what theyre lacking, this consultant will enlighten and entertain.

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38 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex This is an obsession that stays with a man all his life. He will never lose the secret fear that he is inadequate. (Which, of course, he is. In lots of ways. ) And frankly, women don’t help by guffawing or wiggling their little pinkie at him. Ear Blowing There are some aspects of heavy petting that are extremely unpleasant. But it’s only by testing them out that we discover quite how unacceptable they are. Anything that involves licking, blowing on or nibbling the ear is to be avoided at all costs, but many teenagers think that this is a sexy way to behave.

But it is at this point that some lucky teenagers also discover that life’s not all bad. Your skin may be bad, your hair greasy 47 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex – but then you find someone to go out with who also has greasy hair and bad skin. They even like the same bands as you, and guess what? They write bad poetry, too. Bizarrely, in the midst of the worst teenage angst, some people have the chance to spend time with someone they like to call their ‘soulmate’. Of course, in a couple of years you’ll dump them for someone more gorgeous – but in the meantime, it’s great to find someone to join you in your tortured isolation.

Vast quantities of wine. That’ll shut the smug blighters up! Money Single people usually have more money to spend than their friends and colleagues because they don’t have some waste-ofspace partner sponging off them or dragging them down with their debts. You’ll see these 53 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex single people recklessly spending on clothes, books, nights out and fresh pasta. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. If you have a friend who’s single, take full advantage of their financial good health by ‘forgetting’ your purse whenever you go out with them.

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