By Micheál Ó Conghaile

(An Irish-language name)

"Powerful, creative, articulate writing, apt and powerful in exploring the kind of fabric in query ... if reliable brief tale writing was once lagging lately this could wake up a crowd from their slumber!" — Books eire

A new global is created right here via Micheal O Conghaile, a global which didn't and may by no means exist – yet a global that's, however, uncannily widely used . . . pressure, fear, irrationality and wit abound. Self identification and man's raison d'être explored.

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Far from lending him their aid, they swoop down on him most viciously, inviting him to wrack and ruin, inviting him to death. In such wise do they violate the natural laws of the Universe that rivers overflow their banks, vast acreages are drowned, sons are pitted against fathers, and even the roots of rain and drought are altered . . . I n consequence, Admiral Kwo-lang, I leave to your hand the administration of punishment. Never forget that clemency is a prerogative of the throne and that it would be presumptuous of a subject to endeavour to assume such a privilege.

Entire villages were burned to the ground. In one of them alone, the number of prisoners passed a thousand. A hundred and twenty women who sought the confused refuge of neighbouring reedfields and paddies were betrayed by a crying baby and later sold into slavery in Macao. Although at some remove, the tears and bereavement wreaked by this depredation came to the attention of Kia-king, the Son of Heaven. Certain historians contend that this outcry pained him less than the disaster that befell his punitive expedition.

A hundred and forty spectators looked on, among them mobsters with rakish derbies and their molls with enormous coiffures in which weapons were sometimes concealed.  The pair fought for two hours and it ended in a draw. Before a week was out, the shooting started up again. Monk was arrested for the nth time. With great relief Tammany Hall washed their hands of him; the judge prophesied for him, with complete accuracy, ten years in prison. Eastman vs Germany When the still puzzled Monk was released from Sing Sing, the twelve hundred members of his gang had broken up into warring factions.

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