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DE VRIES . 2 4 ) I. 6 6 ) 14 SCHMID-MONNARD 8 ) . 5 50 32 30 10) b. I mbecility in the descendancy of alcoholics Author N. N. of cases LANGDOWN DowN. 1895 1890 (Cf. p. 5 Cit. Kraepelin. ') Parents Investigation of children of schools for backward children. 6 ) Entire hereditary transmission. 6 ) The mother. •) The father. ') Alcoholism with one of the grand parents. ') Cit. Reiter and Osthoff. 9 ) Patients with hereditary transmission. 8 % among the parents. 2% andin the indefined group in 0075% of the caseso (See also page IO)o Bodily defects, stigmata, deformed skull, asymmetry, dental malformations, deafness, paralyses, pathological curvature of the spine were found by LEGRAIN ( 1895) in 29 out of 215 alcoholic familieso RoGER ( 1912) also says that racial degeneration appears in stigmata of bod y, decrease of the length Qf bod y and nervous diseases, epilepsy or hysterics and insanity and he refers to the statistics 0 0 MALFORMATIONS 43 of DEMME in this respect.

104f. 5 24 50 34 16 78 503 726 12 (1911) (1910) . SICHEL-SIOLI (I 91 0) 7) MüLLER GRENIER 8 ) NEUMANN . 2 22 28 10) T HOM (1915) MEDOW 219 24 5) MUNSON E. N. 607m. SULLIVAN " " % I 37 25 30 (1914) B IANCHI 10) . 4 676 214 177 320m. 100 f. 6 157 12 511 195 157 11) . ') Cf. page 22. ') Seepage 32. Se~ page 32. 6) Cit. by H. VoGT. ') Younger than 20 yrs. 7) 6) Traumatic epilepsy. Sufferers from epilepsy, hysterics and •) Cit. by E. MüLLER. imbecillity. 9) no heredity known 50 %. 10) Parental alcoholism not mentioned.

According to GERUM, the material of the children with ancestral akoholism is markedly inferior to that of epileptic families without potus. In a second group GERUM combines 18 cases of indirect similar heredity (8 times brothers and sisters, 6 times cousins). Also in this material there is a small hereditary antecedant of alco· holism. A third group comprises 42 cases without epileptic antecedants; GERUM calls them singular cases; although without antecedants of epilepsy it still includes the antecedants of insanity and nervous disease, also of parental alcoholism.

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