By Joanna Radwanska-Williams

The overall conception of language of Mikołaj Kruszweski (1851-1887) is, this publication argues, a “lost paradigm” within the background of linguistics. the idea that of 'paradigm' is known in a greatly construed Kuhnian feel, and its applicability to linguistics as a technological know-how is tested. it truly is argued that Kruszewski's concept was once a covert paradigm in that his significant paintings, Ocerk nauki o jazyke ('An define of the technological know-how of Language', 1883), had the capability to be seminal within the historical past of linguistics, i.e. to accomplish the prestige of a 'classical text', or 'exemplar'. This power was once now not learned simply because Kruszewski's impression was once hindered by means of a number of historic elements, together with his early dying and the simultaneous consolidation of the Neogrammarian paradigm, with its emphasis on phonology and language switch. The publication examines the highbrow history of Kruszweski's notion, which used to be rooted, partially, within the culture of British empiricism. It additionally discusses Kruszewski's dating to his instructor Jean Baudouin de Courtenay (1845-1929), his angle in the direction of the Neogrammarian circulation in linguistics, the ambivalent reception of his concept by means of his contemporaries, and the effect of his paintings at the linguistic idea of Roman Jakobson (1896-1982).

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Thus, induction precedes deduction, HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 21 and the role of deduction is to draw out the implication of what is already known: "therefore, Socrates is mortal". Deduction, Mill argues, involves the interpretation of the meaning of the inductive propositions. In this way Mill seeks to integrate deduction into his system of inductive logic, and thereby also to integrate the Aristotelian and the Cartesian tradition with the empiricist analysis of the scientific method. Mill's conception of the integration of the deductive and inductive method is close to the modern view of the role of the hypothetico-deductive method in science.

The second development which influenced the further fate of associa­ tionism was the impact of Darwin's theory of evolution (1859). It can be argued that the Darwinian revolution was the final phase of the scientific revolution which began with Copernicus and Galileo, and which produced a change in the medieval worldview of the relationship between knowledge and authority. While Copernicus and Galileo changed the view of the universe, Darwin changed the view of man. The focus of philosophical discussion shifted back to the metaphysical issues involved in the question of the relationship between scientific knowledge and Biblical authority.

Such a generalization is a hypothesis which can be tested against observed data. Deduction is used to predict the implications of the hypothesis, and new information can then be brought to bear on the confirmation or disconfirmation of the hypothesis. The difference between the hypothetico-deductive method and the traditional empiricist conception of induction is that the pure inductive method assumes that all relevant data have been collected before significant generalizations can be made. Mill on the contrary claimed that science progresses toward an ever wider application of deduction.

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