By Emma Chapman, Fi Martynoga

Author note: creation by way of Emma Chapman

"The intriguing factor approximately this ebook is the variety of strange flavours and species it highlights" (Andrew Fairlie, Gleneagles)

This inspirational advisor is bursting with beneficial information on Scotland’s wild harvest, overlaying what, the place, whilst and the way you should use your bounty in sustainable methods from the main worthy and frequent of species to the fewer recognized, and from leaves and berries to saps, seeds, seaweeds, mosses and wooden. Recipes from Scottish kitchens contain nettle brose, blaeberry cakes and artistic dishes from an incredibly wide variety of species.

Learn how one can start or expand a repertoire of untamed meals and fabrics that may be used as dyes, treatments and round the domestic.

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Add a cup of pinhead oatmeal, two cups of water or stock, and the nettles. Add salt 33 and a generous dollop of ground black pepper. You can add other seasonings – for true foragers, the dried, ground roots of clove root (Geum urbanum, also known as herb bennet) work well and as it’s a weed, most people are only too happy to dig it up from the garden. Tie up in a pudding or clootie dumpling bag, or press mixture into a pudding basin and cover. Place in a pan of water and simmer on very low heat until the oatmeal is cooked.

The wattle can then be rendered wind- and weatherproof by applying a daub mix of clay, straw, sand and dung on both sides, and pressing the mix hard into the wattle so it meets in the middle and dries hard. It can then be limewashed to make it even more weatherproof. There are a surprising number of old farm buildings in Scotland that retain small sections of such walls, many of which have been recorded by Becky Little. Her work for Historic Scotland, Building with Earth in Scotland, remains the best description of what was done in the past and how such simple building, with hazel and mud, can be done today.

Nettle tea is a real tonic. Just make sure you use the 31 well-washed leaves and not the flowers, which are likely to harbour a great deal of wildlife that doesn’t look great suspended in your lovely hot drink. Nettle beer is refreshing and mildly alcoholic, and easier to make than conventional ale. Wine can also be produced from the plant. Harvesting Perhaps it goes without saying that nettles should be gathered with care! It is best to use washing-up gloves and wear a long-sleeved shirt. Once gathered, keep the gloves on to wash and prepare the nettles, although as soon as they feel the heat of cooking, the stings disappear.

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