By Wolf Marshall

This booklet is beautiful mediocre. Has a number of respectable licks, however the overwhelming majority isn't really going to do a lot for any point of guitarist. The presentation of the cloth can also be very terrible.

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Our student population includes reluctant learners, ELL, and special education students, as well as ravenous readers of popular contemporary literature. 16 Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age The Digital-Age Booktalker: Student-Created Digital Book Trailers Chapter I In our district, there are three wonderful reading teachers who oversee students who have not sufficiently mastered reading. These students come to the library three to four times a year and I booktalk different genres as requested by their reading teacher.

What about asking our students to become critical thinkers? What about asking them to support their arguments? I’ve found a way to allow students to truly demonstrate their thinking about a short story by asking them to construct a short video adaptation of the story, an activity I call The 20-Shot Short Story. Background With the presence of signs, symbols, sounds, and images in society today, it’s impossible to communicate without understanding how to view, navigate, observe, and listen as well as read and write.

With younger students, I’d suggest movies that are no more than 1 minute. In middle school, 1–2 minutes is ideal. In high school, depending on the topic and experience of the students, I’ve seen excellent movies as long as 12 minutes. Time constraints often bring about higher-level thinking. Having to tell a story with many details in a short period of time forces the students to analyze what is essential to the story and create a concise, meaningful summary. Often students will ask me to extend the time limit, but I’ve found that extensions are almost always a mistake When the movie time is limited, students are compelled to discuss the topic, analyze it, and debate about what should end up in the final cut of the movie—in other words, they must focus on what’s really important.

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